Mike Granowski

Director of Quantitative Analytics & Advisory

For over two decades, Mike has provided leading companies in the energy ecosystem with analytics-driven strategic, transaction, and market advisory services. He is a leader in developing and applying sophisticated proprietary market analysis, financial valuation, risk assessment, and optimization tools. At Enovation, he has pioneered the development of our proprietary DER data sets, optimization algorithms, and economics analysis tools. His work has spanned all DER-related assets including storage, solar, reciprocating engines, CHP, fuel cells, demand response, and energy efficiency delivering critical insights and facilitating tangible impact for utilities, developers, OEM’s, investors and und use customers. Prior to Enovation, Mike worked at Bridge Strategy Group, Hawknest Advisory, and Navigant.

Dan Gabaldon

Director of Advisory

Over the past two decades, Dan has served leading companies across the energy value chain in many of their most critical strategic and operational improvement challenges. At Enovation, he has focused particularly on DER and Energy Storage, serving energy companies, OEMs and investors seeking to benefit from the rapid changes in this area. His work usually involves leveraging Enovation's growing set of proprietary analytic tools and datasets, as well as his many years of experience supporting clients to make real impacts on their companies. He is a frequent speaker and author on DER, storage, and new energy innovation topics. Prior to Enovation, Dan worked at BCG, Booz and Company, and Bridge Strategy Group.

Mike Nolan

Manager of Advisory

Mike focuses on applied data analytics for customer-tailored solutions involving distributed energy resource (DER) assessment, commercialization, and market growth. He has supported clients to develop and implement analytics-driven solutions leveraging energy storage, energy efficiency, demand response, advanced metering infrastructure, and fuel cells. He brings expertise in financial and regulatory analysis and market intelligence in de-regulated markets. Prior to Enovation, Mike worked at Siemens, Stem, and Bloom Energy.

Simon Greenberg

Manager of Product Development & Advisory

Simon leads the development of the DER Analytics platform. He brings to bear his agile software development experience and deep DER expertise. He specializes in new technology deployment and has developed commercialization strategies for energy storage developers, utilities, renewable developers, and investment banks. He has also managed engagements for a number of utilities and investors to provide analytics, due diligence, and corporate strategy. Simon’s background is in chemical engineering, and he has experience deploying Lean Six Sigma principals in a variety of environments. Prior to Enovation, Simon worked at Navigant and Sulzer Metco.

Peter Hirschboeck

Manager of Quantitative Analytics & Advisory

Peter manages the development of the optimization, dispatch, and financial analysis algorithms for the DER Economics Tool. He leverages his MS in Financial Mathematics as well as his Professional Engineering license to produce cutting edge software for energy storage and other DER assets. Peter has provided consulting and professional services for a number of different types of companies in the utility and energy space: independent trading organizations, banks, private equity companies, retail energy companies, distributed energy companies, IOUs, munis/co-ops, merchant generators, government agencies, and others. He is also a leader in the energy analytics space, with applications from trading strategy development to analysis of impacts of new technologies; he has presented at conferences and published original research on the subject. Peter also teaches in the mathematics department of the University of Chicago covering quantitative topics in financial markets. Prior to Enovation, Peter worked at Houlihan Lokey, Bridge Strategy Group, and TransMarket Group.

Cristian Cocheci

Senior Software Engineer

Cristian is a cloud applications engineer with two decades of experience on complex technical software projects. Cristian leads the development of the DER Economics Tool, with a focus on parallelization methods and cloud application performance. He has deep experience developing software solutions in the energy space, particularly through his time at Alevo Analytics. He is a practiced software engineer and has experience with applications from energy storage optimization to data mining and Software as a Service solutions. Prior to Enovation, Cristian worked at Alevo Analytics, Nascent Technology, and Inmarsat Maritime.

Ray Xia

Senior Quantitative Analyst

Ray leads the development of Enovation Analytics’ optimization and dispatch algorithms. He has a PhD in electrical engineering as well as corporate experienced in developing quantitative models for electricity and gas markets. He has provided consulting services and computational solutions for, among others, independent system operators, power producers, transmission owners, and national labs. At Enovation, he focuses primarily on applying mathematical and statistical tools to solve industrial problems. He has published research papers on energy markets and presented at both academic and industrial conferences. Prior to Enovation, Ray worked at Alevo Analytics, Argonne National Lab, and ISO-NE.

Ben Lowe


Ben specializes in analytics that support government and regulatory policy for new technologies. Ben bring his policy expertise to bear for a variety of clients including vertically integrated and distribution utilities, wholesale power markets and original equipment manufacturers. Ben has over a decade of experience in utility strategy, analytics and stakeholder strategy. Prior to Enovation, Ben worked in strategic planning for Duke Energy and as the policy director for Alevo.

Linda Zabors

Director of Marketing

Linda leads the development of Enovation Analytics’ website, blog, and marketing strategy. She has experience in business development and opportunity analysis. Her background includes developing products, services, markets and distribution channels. Linda also brings expertise in deciphering the decision processes underlying consumer behavior. Prior to Enovation, she was president of Emerald Blue and a Vice President ad Chatsworth Data Corporation.