Enovation Analytics Announces Expanded, Advanced Distributed Energy Analysis Capabilities

Dallas May 25, 2021  Enovation Analytics has announced the expansion of its energy industry leading platform. The new release includes an enhanced, re-engineered user interface as well as the addition and expansion of distinctive capabilities for: Energy Storage and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) analysis, Distribution Planning, and Advanced Scenario Modeling. Electric Utilities, Distribution Planners, and Developers can now see the growing impact of DERs and electric vehicles (EVs) on feeder loads as well as size distributed and non-wire assets for transmission and distribution (T&D) deferral.

The Enovation Analytics artificial intelligence (AI) engine utilizes machine learning algorithms to prioritize efficient deployment of capital regarding asset size, location and associated hedging strategies. The interactive databases incorporated into the engines allow for analysis and comparison across multiple energy technologies, asset configurations, and locations down to the zip code level of granularity. The addition of stochastic analysis functionality allows for next level due diligence analysis in an increasingly sophisticated financial and investment environment. Version 11.0 of the platform incorporates the latest iteration of the groundbreaking Front of the meter (FTM) project and the Behind the Meter (BTM) single and multi-site project analysis platform.

The Enovation Analytics platform is used by over half of the top 25 US utilities and is the analytics engine that supports the New York investment bank, Lazard’s Levelized Cost of Storage (LCOS) annual study.

Terry Bickham, Head of Product Management for Enovation Analytics shares, “The new release brings together state of the art DER and distribution modelling with real data – great analysis tools, integrated real world data, and a more intuitive UI gives the platform breadth and value beyond anything the energy world has ever had.”

Decades of energy strategy consulting engagements and utilization by power industry leaders went into the development and methodology behind this analytics tool which is now available to the market on a one-time or subscription basis. Enovation Analytics provides analysis and insight on renewable energy and battery technology deployments across multiple geographic areas with real data, not just theoretical models.

About Enovation Analytics:

Enovation Analytics is a cloud based, AI driven, economic analysis tool for electric utilities, infrastructure, developers, and capital partners. We provide the best available comparison of emerging technologies, data, and use cases to solve the emerging and challenging needs of renewable and distributed generation, battery storage, and electric vehicles (EVs). Enovation Analytics sophisticated economic analysis of emerging renewable energy and battery storage technologies informs solid business investments. Our platform is SOC-2 certified and compliant, it is ready for enterprise IT.

Media contact:  Terry Bickham