Enovation Analytics provides analysis and insights on renewable

energy and battery technology deployments across multiple

geographic areas powered by our advanced artificial intelligence

and machine learning software platform

Distributed Energy Resources are transforming the electric industry. Solar, storage, gas-fired assets, fuel cells, demand response, behind the meter and in front of the meter technologies, and energy efficiency each play a vital role.

Enovation Analytics provides insights on renewable energy and battery technology to investor owned utilities, cooperatives and municipalities across the country. The customer list includes over half of the top 25 utilities in the US.

We offer an advanced analytics software platform that provides analysis and insights on renewable energy and battery technology deployments across multiple geographies. The platform is powered by the latest AI and machine learning tools.

Enovation Analytics developed this platform from the ground up using cloud computing, advanced numerical methods and advanced optimization techniques.

  • SOC 2 compliant software engineering using industry standard technology stack
  • Return optimized storage and/or renewable dispatch and asset configuration
  • “Perfect foresight” linear optimization of dispatch commitment across multiple market revenue streams.
  • Parallelized cloud computing for runtimes shortened by orders of magnitude for large case tables and full 20-30 year optimizations

As investment moves away from central generation and transmission and towards the customer, new data and analytical approaches are necessary to take advantage of emerging opportunities and make the best decisions possible.


Enovation Analytics has transformed our proprietary data sets and analytical tools - developed over dozens of DER advisory engagements - into a one of a kind cloud-based analytical platform. Our platform not only powers our advisory services, like developing Lazard’s annual LCOS report, but empowers our more sophisticated clients to directly use our data and tools in their day to day operations



The Enovation Analytics team is comprised of electricity industry leaders, data scientists, engineers and consultants

The Enovation Analytics tools were honed and incubated by our parent company, Enovation Partners, whichForbes named as one of America’s Best Management Consulting Companies.Our platform was reviewed by some of the largest electric industry utilities, capital partners, and trade organizations.

We built our analytics tool to meet our clients emerging needs. The complexities of the industry forced us to build a tool that could meet the challenges of the industry with unmatched accuracy and speed. Now Enovation Analytics is making it’s platform available to the energy, infrastructure, and investment industries

Enovation Analytics is the economic analysis and predictive modeling tool behind the investment bank, Lazard’s Levelized Cost of Storage.