Enovation Analytics’ 6th year as the AI engine behind Lazard’s Levelized Cost of Storage annual study of energy battery storage

Dallas November 18, 2020  Enovation Analytics has announced that it powers the Lazard LCOS report for the sixth straight year. Enovation Analytics is working with Lazard to develop the methodology, gather the data, and conduct the analysis for their Levelized Cost of Storage study.

Enovation Analytics provides analysis and insight on renewable energy and battery technology deployments across multiple geographic areas. The Enovation Analytics AI engine and machine learning platform is the most advanced analytical tool available today. Lazard’s latest annual Levelized Cost of Storage Analysis (LCOS 6.0) shows that storage costs have declined across most use cases and technologies, particularly for shorter-duration applications.

“The lowering of the cost curve for energy storage is not surprising as it involves improved battery chemistry, inverter technology advancements and adoption rates that have all contributed to lower cost,” said David Jackson, Senior Director Sales and Marketing with Enovation Analytics. “We are rapidly accelerating into a clean energy economy. The new economics model will be decarbonized, decentralized and digital driven by regulatory and environmental financial ROIs.”

Enovation Analytics helps investors, investor owned utilities, independent power producers, municipalities and coops manage the complexity of their energy assets. The Enovation Analytics artificial intelligence engine utilizes machine learning algorithms to prioritize efficient deployment of capital regarding asset size, location and associated hedging strategies.

About Enovation Analytics:

Enovation Analytics is a cloud based, AI driven, economic analysis tool for electric utilities, infrastructure, developers, and capital partners. We provide the best available comparison of emerging technologies, data, and use cases to solve the emerging and challenging needs of renewable and distributed generation, battery storage, and electric vehicles (EVs). Enovation Analytics sophisticated economic analysis of emerging renewable energy and battery storage technologies informs solid business investments. Our platform is SOC-2 certified and compliant, it is ready for enterprise IT.

Media contact:  Terry Bickham